The Bakery

Saxton’s Home Bakery’s preparation and baking take place in my home kitchen, in Sheffield, with its domestic single oven. Baking days mean the secondment of much of the kitchen, whilst sacks of flour and other ingredients have their own cool, dry storage area in the converted cellar. The bakery exists to offer the local community the type of bread I enjoy and gain a great deal of satisfaction from baking; and it will continue to develop as interest and demand grows.

I’ve worked closely with Environmental Health and Trading Standards officers from Sheffield City Council with the result that the bakery has achieved a five star rating in the Council’s Food Hygiene Awards. Customer relationships are essential to the business, and every effort is made to ensure each loaf is of the highest quality in every respect.

The Baker

Since getting the gift of a bread-making course at River Cottage I’ve loved making my own bread. Transforming flour and water into a crusty loaf is extremely satisfying and although sourdough feeding regimes and the relative merits of kneading and moulding techniques may not interest many there can be few who aren’t drawn by the look and taste of good bread.

Over recent years I’ve enjoyed working at my baking to gain confidence in the bread I bake, its quality and consistency. I’ve been helped immeasurably by Carrie Winger and her great courses at the Allendale Bakery in Northumberland, and also Tom Herbert from Hobbs House Bakery in Gloucestershire. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou’s patisserie course at the School of Artisan Food at Welbeck Nottinghamshire was an inspiration for the sweeter side of my baking, and special thanks are deserved by Mat McCarthy at the Welbeck Bakehouse for helping me to absorb so much practical baking experience on my visit there.

In addition I have to credit the River Cottage Handbook on bread by Daniel Stevens, The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard, and How To Make Bread by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou as being key references for my ‘homework’ and practice.

Mick Saxton

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