All ingredients in the list below are organic except those with an asterisk. My natural leaven, or sourdough culture, is a fermenting mixture of organic rye flour and water. For information on leavens, fermentation, stoneground flour go to Flour and Fermentation.

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Wheat and Rye Breads

  • Saxton’s White  (800g: £2.90,  550g: £2.60)
    • Strong white flour, leaven, sea salt*.
  • Wholemeal  (800g: £2.80,  550g: £2.50)
    • Wholemeal wheat flour, leaven, sea salt*.
  • Wholemeal with Seeds  (550g tin loaf: £2.60)
    • Wholemeal wheat flour, leaven, sunflower seeds, sea salt*.
  • 100% Rye with Seeds  (550g tin loaf: £2.70)
    • Whole rye flour, leaven, sunflower seeds, sea salt*, caraway seeds*.

Bread from naturally gluten-free ingredients
N.B. The bakery is not a gluten-free environment

  • Multi-seeded Wheat-free  (800g: £5.00; 550g: £3.80)
    • Buckwheat flakes, potato flour*, rice flour*, sunflower seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, molasses, sea salt*, yeast*.

My stong white wheat flour normally comes from Stoate & Sons, who’ve been milling high quality stoneground organic flour in Dorset for decades.
Wholemeal wheat flour comes from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire, rye flour is from Doves Farm in Berkshire, and plain white flour is from  Bacheldre Mill in Montgomery, Powys.